Introduction Green Tree Python

mymoreliaThese snakes are often referred to as “Chondros”, an abbreviation of their former genus Chondropython.

The color of the Green Tree Python is a lime green that can be light or dark. It has a light white or cream coloration on the belly. They may have a yellow color too depending on their habitat. For that reason though they are often mistaken for other species of snakes. Sometimes they even have blue tint to them. They can be up to 2,2 m long when they are fully mature.

Almost exclusively arboreal, the Green tree python spends most of the day curled over the branches high in the trees with its head resting on its coils. It has developed a strong, prehensile tail that assists with holding tightly to the smaller branches and allows this prolonged draping posture. They have been documented, however, spending the daylight hours hidden in a secure location on the ground and even hunting on the ground. This nocturnal python is an aggressive hunter, using thermo sensory pits (heat sensors) on its jaw to track warm blooded prey. They are known to utilize strategy while hunting, wiggling their tail to attract curious animals within grabbing distance. Greatly enlarged front teeth allow the Green tree python to hold tightly onto birds and other fast moving prey.


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